Kerrville's Premier Paintball Park
Field Paint Policy
We're sure many of you are wondering why we decided to use field paint for all players.  Hopefully this will help answer some of those questions.

We are a new paintball park, but we have many years of paintball playing experience.  We coupled what we learned as players with what we learned from other players and other field owners to come to the decision to only allow field grade paint bought from us.

First and foremost, the number one reason that we do not allow outside paint is player safety.  Some cheaper paintballs have a harder shell.  As if the hard shell hitting you isn't bad enough, players have been known to increase the pressure of the marker to ensure the ball pops on impact.  This has caused many injuries over the years.  Old ball stock will also cause harder shells and make the balls harder to pop.

The second reason is to protect our investment in the rental equipment.  Many cheap paints are oil based and can cause many problems with markers and makes cleaning the equipment much more difficult.

The third reason is that the cheap oil based paints are difficult to wash out of clothes and off the obstacles at the field.

In short, we want our players to be safe, want equipment to be protected (both ours and yours) and we want to minimize damage to our playing fields.

As far as price, dont worry... We are competitive on our paint pricing.  Our paint only costs a couple dollars more than the cheap paint you can buy at Walmart.

I hope this helps explain the reasoning for our policy.  Please fill out the form to the right if you have any questions or comments.